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About Integrative Community Therapy (ICT)

What is it ? Well ! One could think about another new kind of "Group Therapy". Yes and no : It adresses our everyday trouble and pains. It does'nt pretend to cure, but offers care and welcome, and the sharing of real life experience. It's first aim is the promotion of health, in a coparticipative way.

It was created some 20 years ago by Dr Barreto, in the North-Eastern Brasilian city of Fortaleza, inside the Quatro Varas Project. The main idea is that where there are problems, there are also solutions, that deprivation and ordeals generate competence, and that sharing these may help individuals, families and communities to cope more efficiently with problems. The theoretical bases of ICT are: the theory of communication, the systemic thought, the pedagogy of Paulo Freire, the theory of resilience and the cultural anthropology.

The group is carried out in 6 steps :  welcome, choice of theme, contextualization, problematization and sharing of experiences and solutions, closing ritual, time for reflection between facilitators. You can here have a look on a video with subtitles in english. During the introductory phase, the rules are clearly stated: speaking "I", no advice, judgments or interpretations, be silent and listen, use all means provided the culture as songs, poems, proverbs, jokes, etc... The democratic choice of the topic ensures that the focus will be on what really interests most of the people present. During the "contextualizing" step,  the person who proposed the topic is invited to give more details about her situation, emotions, what and who contributed to the problem, and what was done to overcome. The entire group may ask questions in order to clarify the situation, in a systemic perspective. Then the facilitator asks the group: "Who among you already experienced a similar situation and what did you do cope, to overcome ? " : Everyone can become aware of the many possible outcomes and solutions, promoting resilience and self-esteem. The closing ritual will consolidate links between participants and highlight the "pearls" born of life experiences. The evaluation enables the facilitators to have a critical view on the session, and collect data for further research.

A powerpoint about Community Therapy by Dr Adalberto Barreto : you will find here the main bases of ICT

1 June 2013:

And now ...

After the success of the First European Meeting, it's time to take another step.

Active groups in their territory need to organize themselves locally to allow the leaders of Intergrative Community Therapy groups to meet and work together, in order to disseminate the method and values of TCI, exchange ideas about their practice and also, if possible, to organize training courses.

Already, aside to the "Parent Company", the AETCI-A4V, two local associations are being formed: the
Swiss association forTCI and AETCI-PACA, in the Provence-Alpes-Cote d 'Azur (France).

However, it is essential to preserve the unity of our movement, and to have an European institution that can guarantee the values ​​and ethics of the Integrative Therapy Community, support local associations, train trainers, and validate the training acquired.

A work meeting was held on June 1 in Grenoble around the idea of ​​a federal structuration of AETCI.

We open a forum to allow everyone to express themselves, ask questions, make suggestions, To feed the debate, in order to propose to the Extraordinary General Meeting we envision for early 2014 a text that reflects the spirit and dynamism of our association.

This means that similar associations should be created whenever there are groups of (dedicated and Trained for ICT) people willing to share this adventure.

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